The first batch of SMR token rewards will be sent today, Wednesday, April 24th, to eligible participants in the Tangle Ecosystem Association Growth Committee’s Shimmer Liquidity Mining campaign. Of the total 830 eligible recipients who met the requirements for the airdrop, 630 are scheduled to receive their full reward today, while the top 200 recipients receive one-sixth of their due rewards, with the remaining amount to be distributed every Wednesday over the following five weeks.

Running from 31 January to 16 March, the Tangle Ecosystem Association Growth Committee’s Shimmer Liquidity Mining Campaign yielded great results and valuable insights to propel our future projects. We’re excited that so many new users have found their way into our ecosystem and have used the opportunity to bridge value into Shimmer EVM while exploring the many apps in our ecosystem. During the six-week campaign, Shimmer EVM experienced:

  • A peak of 31% increase in the total value locked, reaching a maximum of $13.08 million TVL.
  • A more than threefold increase in the value inflow through ShimmerBridge, amounting to $4.53 million.
  • 81,006 transactions across the bridge, with a daily peak of over 8,000 transactions.
  • Nearly double the number of Shimmer EVM accounts, growing from  9,200 to 17,200.
  • The second-largest daily transaction count in ShimmerEVM’s history, with over 70,000 daily transactions.

Rewards Distribution

If you participated in this campaign and fulfilled its eligibility criteria (you can review them here), and/or participated in the Shimmer Supporter Campaign where you may have earned referral rewards, you will have received a distribution today, Wednesday, April 24th, in your eligible wallet address.

Together with Tide, the Web3 incentive protocol recently integrated with ShimmerEVM that monitored the campaign, our Ecosystem Team has analyzed the activity data of theover 1,000  campaign participants. Of these, 830 participants successfully met the criteria and are now receiving the Shimmer airdrop.

From the 830 eligible participants, 630 receive their rewards in full today, Wednesday, April 24th. The remaining top 200 participants receive one-sixth of their rewards today, with the remaining amount distributed to them every Wednesday before 3 PM over the following five weeks.

The Tangle Ecosystem Association Growth Committee has allocated 1.5% of the total SMR supply (27,204,307 SMR) as rewards for the participants.

As a little extra surprise, the first 70 participants who enter the Tide campaign board today are also eligible for a T-shirt voucher from Distribution is on a first-come, first-served basis. Terms and conditions are featured on the Tide claiming page.  

We want to thank all participants for their engagement in the Shimmer EVM DeFi ecosystem and hope to see them again in the upcoming IOTA EVM. Feel free to ask us any questions in the official IOTA Discord.

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