Unleash the Community Champion Zealy Initiative

Discover the Community Champion initiative, where Shimmer community members like you can deepen their knowledge through quests, earn Discord roles, and unlock exclusive rewards. Complete the Zealy board to receive a valuable timelocked NFT and gain recognition in our community. Join now and contribute to the future of Shimmer! The Reward NFT badge is designed by @BingoBongo_ape

We are excited to introduce the Shimmer Community Champion initiative, hosted by the Tangle Ecosystem Association*. This program aims to cultivate a vibrant community where new and existing members are rewarded for growing their understanding of Shimmer and making meaningful contributions. Through a structured system of experiences and rewards, participants embark on a journey of knowledge and engagement.

A series of quests on Zealy empower individual participants to expand their knowledge in various aspects of Shimmer. The end result is a network of Community Champions who are passionate about helping others navigate the Shimmer ecosystem. Together, they form a strong support system that ensures everyone feels supported and encouraged on their journey.

Here’s how it works:

The Zealy board: A path to mastery

At the heart of the Community Champion initiative is the Zealy board — a carefully crafted system of quests and tasks.

Every week, new quests will be published to the quest board until the end of the season, which spans over two months.

Divided into four categories, our Zealy Board caters to various interests and areas of expertise:

  • Basic Knowledge: This category serves as the foundation, equipping users with essential concepts, terminology, and real-world use cases related to Shimmer.
  • Developers: For those who want to look into the technical aspects, this category offers quests and tasks focused on coding, smart contracts, and integration. Unlock your potential as a developer champion and explore the limitless possibilities.
  • Safety and Security: Recognizing the importance of security in the digital realm, this category educates members on best practices, wallet management, and safeguarding their valuable digital assets.
  • Governance: Understanding the governance structure is key to shaping the future of Shimmer. This category empowers members to comprehend and contribute to decision-making processes within the Shimmer ecosystem.

Discord roles: Ascend the ranks

As participants progress through the Zealy board, their dedication and growing expertise are celebrated with dedicated Discord roles. These roles not only recognize their achievements but also grant access to exclusive channels and opportunities for deeper engagement within the community. With each completed category, members grow in reputation, forging their path as valued contributors to the Shimmer ecosystem.

Leaderboard and prizes: Recognizing exceptional dedication

To foster healthy competition and recognize exceptional dedication, we introduce sprints of two months each. At the end of every sprint, the top five participants on the leaderboard earn a special mention on the official Shimmer Twitter account.

Timelocked NFT reward: A symbol of commitment

The ultimate reward awaits those who successfully complete the entire Zealy board at the end of a season – a dedicated, community-designed NFT, timelocked for two years. This digital asset represents their commitment to learning, growth, and contribution within the Shimmer community. With this NFT, community champions proudly showcase their dedication to Shimmer.

Join us on this journey of growth and empowerment within the Shimmer community. The Community Champion initiative is a chance to grow and confirm your expertise and support the ecosystem. Let's shape the future together, leveraging the power of knowledge, engagement, and collaboration.

Join the Shimmer Community Champion initiative here.


The campaign is run by the Tangle Ecosystem Association (“TEA”), an association established in Switzerland (reg. no. CHE-356.027.165) with its registered address at Industriestrasse 47, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.

The campaign does not constitute any form of investment advice or recommendation or endorsement of the Shimmer token, IOTA token, or any other project. Conduct your own research and due diligence when engaging with any crypto project or service.

The campaign is hosted on Zealy, a third-party platform provided by Freyja Labs SAS. Please see their terms and conditions for more information on how your use of Zealy is regulated. TEA does not control the Zealy platform and makes no representations or warranties regarding Zealy or its use.

In no event shall TEA be liable for any claim, damages, or any other form of liability, whether in action or in tort, arising from or in connection with your participation in the campaign or your usage of Zealy.

By participating in the campaign, you confirm that (i) you are 18+ and (ii) are not an employee of TEA and (iii) you do not live in a country that is on any sanctions list by the EU or Switzerland and that you are not individually listed on any sanctions lists.

Any processing of personal data conducted by TEA will be conducted in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We will process your data to manage and carry out the campaign, including paying out any rewards to you. For more information please review our privacy policy. For more information on how Zealy handles your personal data, please review their policy.

TEA reserves the right to terminate the campaign or modify the terms of the campaign at any time.

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