The Future of DAOs is Now

It's no secret that distributed ledger technology (DLT) is reshaping the financial landscape. But long gone are the days when blockchain's impact was only in transacting value.

The rise of DLT-enabled communities such as DAOs is proof that the transformational force behind the technology is becoming an important enabler in the way society and businesses organize and evolve.

Therefore, it's with great pleasure that we announce Soonaverse as the latest addition to Touchpoint. Soonaverse is a platform for communities to create and manage decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), NFTs, projects, companies, and markets, on the feeless infrastructure of the IOTA network.

Soonaverse introduces itself

We are excited to launch our DAO market platform Soonaverse on the upcoming Shimmer and Assembly networks. Soonaverse enables new economic models which combine the community engagement of social technology with the immutability of ledgers and completely liquid digital asset markets.

The Soonaverse platform offers a one-click process to set up and deploy DAOs, vote securely on-chain, mint and trade NFTs, and spin up native tokens on the IOTA base layer, without fees. Open-source service modules integrate third-party ecosystems seamlessly with the platform, while configurable smart contracts support new governance, finance, and DAO operating models of all types. Creating a revolutionary DAO or any DLT-enabled community couldn’t be easier.

As DAO-on-Demand (DoD) platforms have become ubiquitous, the Soonaverse stands out by expanding far beyond DAO authoring and administration tools. The team has created a new category of DoD by leveraging the most vital attributes of the IOTA network, a feeless, green infrastructure protocol. The feeless core modules of the Soonaverse enable everything from NFT marketplaces and DAO creation to token deployment and discussion forums to be enshrined on the L1 of the IOTA ledger with zero fees and a negligible impact on the environment.

The Soonaverse NFT marketplace is the only completely feeless NFT marketplace. Minting, trading, and transfers are done without platform fees and are already deployed on a private network while utilizing the IOTA network for payments and NFT immutability. NFTs will be migrated to the mainnet once the IOTA Tokenization Framework is implemented, giving users the freedom to migrate their NFTs minted on Soonaverse to either the Shimmer network or the IOTA mainnet.

Participation in DAOs will become easier with one of our core features: free on-chain voting. When enabled by IOTA, this will enable innovative voting structures, such as plurality and majority win models, but can also be customized to allow, for example, liquid democracy voting systems.

Feeless on-chain voting also enables another exciting feature: treasury management. The combination of on-chain voting and smart contracts will enable the deposit of newly minted tokens into a multi-signature wallet controlled by predefined addresses with customized signature rules. Self-organization is also a core element of Soonaverse, which is why we created an interactive community hub where members can get together and organize themselves. Our discussion forum, auditable and anchored on-Tangle, will make early planning discussions and vision articulation, genesis transaction and treasury planning, governance and formal voting discussions immutable.

The collective integration of all of these features/modules culminates in our most recent addition the third-party Service Module. Any organization will be able to plug directly into the Soonaverse to leverage the capabilities, markets, members, and features of the platform via our open-source libraries. Gone are the limitations of walled gardens of past Web2 platforms. The entire Soonaverse will be an intersection of apps trading and selling every imaginable digital asset on a feeless, eco-friendly L1. Only possible on the IOTA network. As the first platform leveraging the dynamic qualities of the IOTA protocol, we are proud to be a part of the Touchpoint Open Builders Program, and its roster of partners as we look forward to pushing the outer edges of innovation and discovery in this dynamic and exciting space.

To find out more about Soonaverse and the team behind it, Soonlabs, you can follow their Twitter or dive deeper into their website.

About Touchpoint

Soonaverse joins the Touchpoint Open Builders Program, offering participants a community of like-minded builders, direct access to experts, knowledge, and general support to launch and scale the next generation of decentralized applications and infrastructure on the Shimmer network. You can learn more about how Touchpoint works and how to become a part of it here.

About Shimmer

Shimmer is an L1 innovation network providing the core building blocks for a scalable, modular multi-chain architecture. Like the IOTA network, Shimmer is built on a UTXO-based parallelized, directed acyclic graph (DAG), guaranteeing higher scalability than conventional Blockchains. At the same time, Shimmer ensures interoperability and composability of L2 smart contract chains, capable of connecting any type of L2 smart contract chain anchored to it. With its unique tokenization framework, Shimmer will become a multi-asset ledger for feeless minting and transfer of native assets without middlemen or crippling gas fees.

The native token of Shimmer is SMR, which serves as the network’s economic backbone, facilitating value transactions and interactions within the Shimmer ecosystem. Shimmer users use the SMR token to launch new DeFi applications, DEXs, NFTs, DAOs, and other dApps.


Every project that participates in Touchpoint is given the opportunity to introduce itself in its own words. Statements made by projects are not verified by Touchpoint, Shimmer, or the IOTA Foundation and should not be taken as an endorsement. Individuals are advised to always conduct their own due diligence when engaging with any crypto projects.

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