Start Testing Your Smart Contracts

After releasing the first Stardust compatible version of ISC (IOTA Smart Contracts) last week, we now have a fully functional and public smart contract test chain deployed, allowing anyone to conveniently test out our latest technology without having to run their own smart contract node. Follow our documentation to connect to it and start trying it out!

With last week's release of the Stardust compatible IOTA Smart Contracts, we’ve kicked off the start of testing and improving ISC until it is ready for release on Shimmer. In this phase, we are actively looking for contributors to test out ISC by deploying their own smart contracts and interacting with smart contracts. To lower the barrier to entry we have deployed a test chain on the Shimmer Beta network, including some helpful tooling. The more testing and improvements we get done in this phase, the faster and better the actual launch of the first real smart contract chain on Shimmer will be.

The test chain consists of several load-balanced Wasp nodes forming a committee, communicating to the Shimmer beta network through their own local Hornet nodes. The setup comes with an exposed EVM JSON/RPC endpoint that can be used by existing EVM-based tooling like Metamask, Hardhat, Truffle/Ganache, etc. to connect to the EVM-compatible part of this smart contract chain. You can also utilize the wasp-cli command to interact with the chain outside of EVM.

In order to connect to the test chain with MetaMask, log in to your Metamask account, go to Settings, Networks, and click the Add Network button. Enter the following details there:

Network name: Shimmer EVM Testchain

Network RPC URL:

Chain ID: 1076

Currency Symbol: SMR

Block Explorer URL: <empty>

You should now be connected to the test chain and will be able to request some Shimmer beta network tokens directly from a special faucet we've created, allowing you to pay for gas on the smart contract test chain. We've also created a special dApp that enables you to withdraw your tokens from our test chain to a regular Shimmer beta network address.  If you are building smart contracts and would like to access native assets or interact outside of the EVM part of this chain you can directly interact with our Magic EVM Contract to do so.

Please note: you cannot send GasSMR tokens via Metamask. If you try to, the Metamask wallet will be blocked and needs to be reset.

If you’d like to use wasp-cli with this chain please configure it as follows:

wasp-cli set l1.apiaddress
wasp-cli set l1.faucetaddress
wasp-cli set chains.testchain rms1prr4r7az8e46qhagz5atugjm6x0xrg27d84677e3lurg0s6s76jr59dw4ls
wasp-cli set chain testchain

You will now be able to use wasp-cli to deposit Shimmer beta network tokens to your account on this chain and to deploy and interact with your Wasm-based smart contracts. Please refer to our documentation for more information about working and interacting with ISC chains.

With this new test chain, we're deprecating our old GoShimmer-based test chain which is now no longer supported.

We're very excited to see the first applications pop up on this chain and we are eagerly looking forward to all your feedback based on this experience. Please share your findings and thoughts with us using GitHub Issues and our Discord.

Follow us on our official channels for all the latest Shimmer news:
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Follow us on our official channels for the latest updates:
Discord | Twitter | LinkedIn | Reddit | CoinMarketCap



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