Onboard to DeFi Easily While Earning Rewards

Many people are eager to enter the crypto space but lack an accessible entry point. Rewards Bunny, a crypto rewards platform, wants to solve this problem by making it easy for users to earn crypto rewards while shopping, gaming, or engaging with brands. Having recently joined Touchpoint, the open builders' program, Rewards Bunny is set to take advantage of Shimmer and IOTA tech as well as the support of the ecosystem. Let’s hear from the team behind Rewards Bunny.

Rewards Bunny introduces itself

At the heart of our platform are crypto rewards, digital assets that you can earn simply by engaging in everyday activities. Think of them as tokens of appreciation for your loyalty. These rewards hold real value and can be used for various purposes, just like traditional money. Rewards Bunny specializes in helping you earn these crypto rewards effortlessly.

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface designed with newcomers in mind. You can earn rewards by shopping online, playing games, or engaging with your favorite brands. It's like receiving cashback for your everyday activities but in the form of cryptocurrencies. Rewards Bunny connects you with a wide range of opportunities to start accumulating crypto.

Available as a web platform, mobile app for on-the-go access, browser extensions that give real-time notifications of cashback opportunities, and email alerts to keep our users informed and engaged, Rewards Bunny offers:
  • Cashback Rewards: Rewards Bunny offers cashback rewards in cryptocurrencies for online shopping. Users can earn a portion of their purchase amount back in crypto, providing real monetary value.
  • Diverse Earning Opportunities: Unlike traditional cashback services, we extend our rewards to gaming and brand engagement. This diversity allows users to accumulate crypto through various channels.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our platform boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both crypto novices and enthusiasts to navigate and utilize.
  • Crypto Education: We provide educational resources and guides to help users understand the crypto landscape better. Our aim is to empower users with knowledge as they earn.

In September this year, Rewards Bunny introduced IOTA tokens as a new withdrawal option for our users, bringing the advantage of feeless transactions to Rewards Bunny users, who can now enjoy seamless withdrawals without worrying about extra costs.

And now Rewards Bunny integrates with the Touchpoint Open Builders Program to provide users with a seamless way to earn rewards and onboard to crypto on the Shimmer and IOTA networks. For example, Rewards Bunny users could be able to earn Shimmer tokens for completing tasks and challenges on the Rewards Bunny app.

The integration of Shimmer and IOTA opens up opportunities for Rewards Bunny users, including feeless NFT transfers, multi-asset ledger hosting, and engagement in new forms of digital asset trading. The emphasis on DeFi and smart contracts on the Shimmer network could also introduce new yield-generating activities.

A bit more about us: Rewards Bunny is more than just a cryptocurrency rewards platform; we're a dedicated team of innovators, industry experts, and crypto enthusiasts working together to transform the way people engage with rewards and digital assets.

With years of experience in blockchain technology, our CEO and Founder Jacky Goh provides strategic direction to the team. Our Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder Spencer Lim, who brings a wealth of expertise from prominent payment companies. With a robust background in the payment space, Spencer's experience adds invaluable insights to our team and enhances our platform with a seasoned perspective on industry trends and innovation. Our network also includes a diverse group of advisors and strategic partners who contribute valuable insights and industry connections to our platform's growth.

The idea for Rewards Bunny was conceived in early 2021, driven by the need to bridge the gap between traditional commerce and the world of cryptocurrencies. Since then, we've achieved significant milestones:
  • Platform Launch: We launched our platform, offering users the ability to earn crypto rewards through everyday activities like online shopping, gaming, and engaging with brands.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We formed key partnerships with crypto companies and brands to expand our offerings and reach (for example, we‘ve implemented more ways for users to capitalize on their rewards, such as providing withdrawal options to Binance Pay accounts or DEX wallets, direct withdrawals to Space ID names without keying their wallet address, and direct Bitcoin withdrawals to Zebedee wallet).
  • Transaction Volume: Our users have collectively generated over $3.3 million in Gross Merchandise Volume through over 30k transactions.
  • Gift Card Platform: Our gift card platform is live for beta testing, enabling users to redeem their rewards for a wide range of gift cards from popular brands.

As we move forward, here's what's on our roadmap:
  • Expansion: We are continually adding new brands and gift card inventory to our platform, offering users even more opportunities to earn rewards.
  • Enhanced Integration: We are working on further integrating with blockchain technology to streamline cashback payments and enhance user experience.
  • Instant Cashback Feature: We're excited to announce that an instant cashback feature is coming soon! Users will have the option to receive immediate cashback rewards during their online shopping and transactions.

We encourage you to join us on this exciting journey. If you're not already a Rewards Bunny user, sign up and start earning crypto rewards today. Explore our growing list of partner brands, engage with us on social media, and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine the way you interact with money in the crypto world. Your participation and feedback are invaluable as we shape the future of crypto rewards together.”

Hare Today, Crypto Tomorrow

Embracing the future of cryptocurrencies, Touchpoint is excited to witness the pioneering work of Rewards Bunny. With its user-friendly approach, the platform promises to seamlessly integrate digital assets into everyday activities. We eagerly anticipate the continued evolution of Rewards Bunny, inviting users into an accessible and rewarding crypto journey. Follow the team on Twitter and find out more via its Linktree here.

About Touchpoint

Rewards Bunny joins the Touchpoint Open Builders Program, offering participants a community of like-minded builders, direct access to experts, knowledge, and general support to launch and scale the next generation of decentralized applications and infrastructure on the Shimmer network. You can learn more about how Touchpoint works and how to become a part of it here.

About Shimmer

Shimmer is an L1 innovation network providing the core building blocks for a scalable, modular multi-chain architecture. Similar to the IOTA network, Shimmer is built on a UTXO-based parallelized, directed acyclic graph (DAG), guaranteeing higher scalability than conventional Blockchains. At the same time, Shimmer ensures interoperability and composability of L2 smart contract chains, capable of connecting any type of L2 smart contract chain anchored to it. With its unique tokenization framework, Shimmer will become a multi-asset ledger for feeless minting and transfer of native assets without middlemen or crippling gas fees.

The native token of Shimmer is SMR, which serves as the network’s economic backbone, facilitating value transactions and interactions within the Shimmer ecosystem. Shimmer users use the SMR token to launch new DeFi applications, DEXs, NFTs, DAOs, and other dApps.


Every project that participates in Touchpoint is given the opportunity to introduce itself in its own words. Statements made by projects are not verified by Touchpoint, Shimmer, or the IOTA Foundation and should not be taken as an endorsement. Individuals are advised to always conduct their own due diligence when engaging with any crypto projects.

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